Xueshan Main Peak; Xueshan East Peak (雪山主、東峯)   difficulty ranking:6   view ranking: 8
Xueshan Main Peak(雪山主峰): It is the second highest mountain in Taiwan, standing at 3886m above sea level. There is a summit mark erected on the top, and it was named “Tsugitakayama” (次高山) by Japanese at the time of the Governor-General of Taiwan. It is located at the boundary of Heping District, Taichung City and Taishan Township, Miaoli County, which is in the Shei-Pa National Park. The route of Xueshan Main and East Peak is also one of the beautiful routes hiking above 3000m in Taiwan. There are some beautiful alpine sceneries along the way, such as White Forest next to 369 Hut; Black Forest and Glacial Cirque. In addition, from the top of Xueshan, it offers the fantastic view of Dabajian Mountain, Xiaobajian Mountain and Wuling Quadruple Mountains(Pintian Mountain, Chiyou Mountain, Tao Mountain and Kalaye Mountain), which is the famous Holy Ridge. It would take about 3-5 hours to walk for 7 kilometers long from the trailhead at Wuling Farm to 369 Hut. Most hikers stay at 369 Hut for the first night and get up very early the next morning to the summit of Xueshan. It’s 3.9 kilometers long from 369Hut to the top.
Xueshan East Peak(雪山東峰): (elevation of 3150 meters) It is on the way of Xueshan Main Peak, which is at kilometer 5 on this trail, and there is a summit mark numbered 74. 
The trail of Xueshan Main Peak and East Peak is a very fine mountain route. There are mile markers along the way each 100 meters. We don’t need to worry about getting lost except “Black Forest” which had a record of a hiker lost on the way.
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