Wuling Quadruple Mountains

Wuling Quadruple Mountains(陵四秀)     
Mt. Pintian, Mt.Chiyou, Mt. Tao and Mt. Kalaye are located around Wuling Farm, so there is an elegant name “Wuling Quadruple Mountains” for them.  Mt. Pintian which has steep, sloping sides and sharp ridges is one of the top 10 tough mountains listed on 100 peaks, and it is a challenged mountain route. Mt. Kalaye is one of the top 4 mountains whose route is long and rough could make hikers exhausted.
The route is steep and sloping, whether it is from the Taoshan trailhead or Chiyoushan trailhead. The path between Xinda Hut and Taoshan Hut is really tough; sometimes hikers should scramble with hands and feet. Thanks to the wonderful view around, all this hard work was really worth it.
There are 2 courses hiking Wuling Quadruple Mountains. One is moving clockwise, and the other is counterclockwise. It’s popular and saves energy to hike clockwise. In case of the bunk's problem, hikers have to go counterclockwise, but carrying water to Taoshan would get more difficult. For the counterclockwise course, the route would be Mt.Tao and Mt. Kalaye first. Next, it would be Mt. Chiyou and Mt. Pintian. And then hikers go down from Sancha Campground.
This time, I guided a “photo tour group”, so our moving was slower than other hikers.
The difficult rankings below are according to the clockwise course:
Chiyou Mountain(池有山): an elevation of 3303 meters. No. 051 on the list of 100 peaks.  There is a summit mark No. 6317 on the top. Difficulty ranking: 4.7
海拔3524M,百岳排行022, 四秀之首,台灣百岳十峻之一,山層岩脈摺紋是其一大特色,可瞰聖稜線景觀,單峰難度5.5分。
Pintian Mountain(品田山): an elevation of 3524 meters. No.022 on the list of 100 peaks. the first of Wuling Quadruple Mountains. The Holy Ridge landscape could be viewed clearly from Mt.Pintian.  Difficulty ranking: 5.5
桃山:海拔3325M,百岳排行048, 有顆編號6327號的三等三角點基石,單峰難度5.2分。
Tao Mountain(桃山): an elevation of 3325 meters. No.048 on the list of 100 peaks.Difficult ranking: 5.2
Kalaye Mountain(喀拉業山): an elevation of 3133meters. No.085 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark No.1549 on the top. Difficulty ranking: 6

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