Xueshan Main Peak; Xueshan East Peak (雪山主、東峯)   difficulty ranking:6   view ranking: 8
Xueshan Main Peak(雪山主峰): It is the second highest mountain in Taiwan, standing at 3886m above sea level. There is a summit mark erected on the top, and it was named “Tsugitakayama” (次高山) by Japanese at the time of the Governor-General of Taiwan. It is located at the boundary of Heping District, Taichung City and Taishan Township, Miaoli County, which is in the Shei-Pa National Park. The route of Xueshan Main and East Peak is also one of the beautiful routes hiking above 3000m in Taiwan. There are some beautiful alpine sceneries along the way, such as White Forest next to 369 Hut; Black Forest and Glacial Cirque. In addition, from the top of Xueshan, it offers the fantastic view of Dabajian Mountain, Xiaobajian Mountain and Wuling Quadruple Mountains(Pintian Mountain, Chiyou Mountain, Tao Mountain and Kalaye Mountain), which is the famous Holy Ridge. It would take about 3-5 hours to walk for 7 kilometers long from the trailhead at Wuling Farm to 369 Hut. Most hikers stay at 369 Hut for the first night and get up very early the next morning to the summit of Xueshan. It’s 3.9 kilometers long from 369Hut to the top.
Xueshan East Peak(雪山東峰): (elevation of 3150 meters) It is on the way of Xueshan Main Peak, which is at kilometer 5 on this trail, and there is a summit mark numbered 74. 
The trail of Xueshan Main Peak and East Peak is a very fine mountain route. There are mile markers along the way each 100 meters. We don’t need to worry about getting lost except “Black Forest” which had a record of a hiker lost on the way.
details: link-->輝哥的天空 English version

Mountain Hehuan Group

Mountain Hehuan Group(合歡群峰)

Mountain Hehuan Group are Hehuan Main Peak; Hehuan North Peak; Hehuan West Peak; Mt. Shimen , Mt. Hehuanjian and Shimen North Peak. They are listed on 100 peaks except for Shimen North Peak and Mt. Hehuanjian. The trailheads are near Hehuanshan Lodge (合歡山莊) which is on Provincial Highway 14A . The peaks can be climbed without the need for high-mountain permits. It’s easy to get to the summits of Mountain Hehuan Group for tourists, but the route to Hehuan West Peak is kind of challenge and needs much more energy for hikers.  
Hehuan North Peak (3422m): No. 34 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark numbered 1451 and a reflecting board on the top. It is the highest peak among Mountain Hehuan Group and also on the way to Hehuan North Peak. The length of the trail is 2 kilometers, and it takes about 2-3 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 2
Hehuan West Peak (3145m): 83 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark numbered 6390 on the top. It is the longest trail among Mountain Hehuan Group. It takes about 6-9 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 4.9
Hehuan East Peak (3421m): #35 on the list of 100 peaks. It is the watershed of Zhuoshui River and Takkiri River ,and The main ridge of Central Mountain Range goes toward southeast from here. It was a ski site because the slope on the east side of the mountain was gentle. Song Syue Lodge (松雪樓) is situated on the slope of Hehuan East Peak and faces to Wu-Ling(武嶺). It is an excellent place to view the mountains from the East Peak. Hehuan East Peak is near Qilai North Peak and Qilai Main Peak. The trailhead to hike Hehuan East Peak and Mountain Qilai is the same. The length of the trail to Hehuan East Peak is 1056 meters and it takes about 1.5-2 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate:2
Mountain Shimen (3237m): #66 on the list of 100 peaks. It is the easiest and shortest hike up to one of the 100 peaks. It is also a beautiful sight to admire the Taroko Gorge and the clouds coming from the Pacific Ocean, as well as the sunset on Mountain Qilai. The length of the trail is 784 meters, and it takes about 50 minutes for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 0.5
Hehuan Main Peak (3417m) : #36 on the list of 100 peaks. Hehuan East Peak is on its east, and Hehuan North Peak is on its north. Hehuan West Peak is on its northwest. It has a good view from the top, and it’s easily accessible. The length of trail is 1795 meters, and it takes 1-1.5 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate:1

Itinerary detail:   link-->輝哥的天空 English version

Wuling Quadruple Mountains

Wuling Quadruple Mountains(陵四秀)     
Mt. Pintian, Mt.Chiyou, Mt. Tao and Mt. Kalaye are located around Wuling Farm, so there is an elegant name “Wuling Quadruple Mountains” for them.  Mt. Pintian which has steep, sloping sides and sharp ridges is one of the top 10 tough mountains listed on 100 peaks, and it is a challenged mountain route. Mt. Kalaye is one of the top 4 mountains whose route is long and rough could make hikers exhausted.
The route is steep and sloping, whether it is from the Taoshan trailhead or Chiyoushan trailhead. The path between Xinda Hut and Taoshan Hut is really tough; sometimes hikers should scramble with hands and feet. Thanks to the wonderful view around, all this hard work was really worth it.
There are 2 courses hiking Wuling Quadruple Mountains. One is moving clockwise, and the other is counterclockwise. It’s popular and saves energy to hike clockwise. In case of the bunk's problem, hikers have to go counterclockwise, but carrying water to Taoshan would get more difficult. For the counterclockwise course, the route would be Mt.Tao and Mt. Kalaye first. Next, it would be Mt. Chiyou and Mt. Pintian. And then hikers go down from Sancha Campground.
This time, I guided a “photo tour group”, so our moving was slower than other hikers.
The difficult rankings below are according to the clockwise course:
Chiyou Mountain(池有山): an elevation of 3303 meters. No. 051 on the list of 100 peaks.  There is a summit mark No. 6317 on the top. Difficulty ranking: 4.7
海拔3524M,百岳排行022, 四秀之首,台灣百岳十峻之一,山層岩脈摺紋是其一大特色,可瞰聖稜線景觀,單峰難度5.5分。
Pintian Mountain(品田山): an elevation of 3524 meters. No.022 on the list of 100 peaks. the first of Wuling Quadruple Mountains. The Holy Ridge landscape could be viewed clearly from Mt.Pintian.  Difficulty ranking: 5.5
桃山:海拔3325M,百岳排行048, 有顆編號6327號的三等三角點基石,單峰難度5.2分。
Tao Mountain(桃山): an elevation of 3325 meters. No.048 on the list of 100 peaks.Difficult ranking: 5.2
Kalaye Mountain(喀拉業山): an elevation of 3133meters. No.085 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark No.1549 on the top. Difficulty ranking: 6

details: link-->輝哥的天空 English version

文盲大嬸學日文囉!! lesson 1

文盲大嬸學日文囉!! lesson 1

9/11 2018飛到日本,一週內背五十音,看著街上的招牌,一個字一個字記,上電車也是看到就記,跟白癡一樣.
10/1 今天是颱風天,想想來記錄自己的學習好了,不然很無聊.


第一課: 你是~~我不是~~她也不是~~?

わたしえみこです。 私は恵美子です。幫自己取個日文名字えみこ



あなた がくせい です あなた学生です

あなた がくせい です。疑問句
あなた がくせじゃありません。否定句
あのひと                 しゅふ (主婦)
かれ                           こうこうせい (高校生)
かのじょ                   かいしゃいん (会社員)
ちんさん                   しゃいん (社員)
(陳さん)                どうりょう (同僚)
たかはしさん               にほんじん (日本人)
(高橋さん)                 あめりかじん (アメリカ人)

あなた は だれ ですか。 你是誰?      WHO ARE YOU?

1. 你是學生嗎?   あなたがくせいですか。Are you a student?
2.你是學生. あなたがくせいです。 You are a student.
3.你不是學生嗎? あなたがくせいじゃありませんか。Are you not a student?
4.你也是學生. あなたがくせいです。                   You are a student,too.
5.你也不是學生.    あなた学生じゃありもせん。       You are not a student,either.
6.你也不是學生嗎?あなたがくせいじゃありもせんか。Aren't you a student, are you?
7.他是誰? かれだれですか。          Who is he?
8. 他是學生嗎? かれがくせいですか。     Is he a student?
9.他是學生. かれがくせいです。       He is a student.
10.他不是學生嗎? かれがくせいじゃありませんか。 Isn't he  a student?
11他也是學生. かれがくせいです。                  He is a student, too.
12他也不是學生. かれがくせいじゃありませ。  He is not a student, either.
13他也不是學生嗎? 学生じゃありませんか。  Isn't he a student, is he?

1. 你是主婦嗎?       あなたしゅふですか。 Are you a housewife?
2.你是主婦.            あなたしゅふです。     You are a housewife.
3.你不是主婦嗎?   あなたしゅふじゃありませんか。   Are you not a housewife?
4.你也是主婦.        あなた しゅふです。                          You are a housewife, too.
5.你也不是主婦.     あなたしゅふじゃありません。       You are not a housewife, either.
6.你也不是主婦嗎?   あなたしゅふじゃありませんか。 Aren't you a housewife, are you?

7.她是誰? かのじょだれですか。                Who is she?
8. 她是高校生嗎? かのじょこうこうせいですか。  Is she a senior high school student?
9.她是高校生. かのじょこうこうせいです。  She is a senior high school student.
10.她不是高校生嗎?かのじょこうこうせいじゃありませんかIsn't she a senior high student?
11她也是高校生. かのじょこうこうせいです。She is a senior high student, too.
12她也不是高校生. 彼女高校生じゃありません。She isn't a senior high student, either.
13她也不是高校生嗎?彼女高校生じゃありませんか。Isn't she a senior high student, is she?

1. 那個人是公司職員嗎? あのひとかいしゃいんですか。Is the person an officer?
2.那個人是公司職員 あのひとかいしゃいんです。The guy is an officer.
3.那個人不是公司職員嗎? あのひとかいしゃいんじゃありませか。 Is the guy an officer?
4.那個人也是公司職員. あのひとかいしゃいんです。The person is an officer, too.
5.那個人也不是公司職員. あのひとかいしゃいんじゃありません。
                                                                                          The guy isn't an officer, either.
                                                                                Isn't the guy an officer, Is he?
7.那個人是誰? あの人ですか。 Who is it?
8. 高橋是日本人嗎? たかはしさんにほんじんですか。 Is 高橋 a Japenese?
9.高橋是日本人. 高橋さん日本人です。                     高橋 is a Japenese.
10.高橋不是日本人嗎? たかはしさんにほんじんじゃありませか。Isn't  高橋 a Japenese?
11高橋也是日本人 高橋さん日本人です。 高橋 is a Japenese, too.
12高橋也不是日本人. たかはしさんにほんじんじゃありませ。  高橋 is not a Japense, either.
13高橋也不是日本人嗎? たかはしさんにほんじんじゃありませか。
                                                                                               Isn't  高橋 a Japense, is he?